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Are you considering purchasing a piece of cushion-cut stone jewelry? The cushion-cut has increased in popularity down the years due to their attractive build and lower cost compared to other popular shapes. Below is a discussion on cushion cut engagement rings that will help you understand them better and make an informed decision when buying a diamond after knowing the Beverly Diamond Complaints.

What Is A Cushion-Cut Diamond?

Basically, a cushion-cut precious stone brings the elegance of a square cut by adding rounded corners. This gives it an appearance like a pillow, also giving it a name “cushion cut”. A cushion cut precious stone is a blend of a modern and round brilliant cut with an old mine facet design. This kind of stone has a delicate square or rectangular shape, with bent edges.

The cost of a pad cut precious stone is ordinarily much lesser than that of a round brilliant diamond. Note that because of expanding popularity of cushion cut rings, these costs may differ and rise.

GIA Certifications for Cushion Cuts

Similar to how you should follow with other precious jewelry, it is very important to check the GIA Certifications of any cushion cut stone before you buy them. In other words, you will need to search for jewels assured and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA is the most trusted gemological research facility on the planet. Hence, it is better to look for certifications than any other agency.

Factors like the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight and more important properties are assessed for each stone. In the end, all of these evaluations appear in the certificate.

Choosing Color for your Cushion Cut Diamond: Pick H or Better

Cushion cuts are very poor when it comes to holding the original color. Meanwhile, Cushions and Radiant cuts are the two most regular jewel shapes in the fancy color stone market. Therefore, it is suggested to go for H grade or better when purchasing a cushion-cut except if you are trying to set them in yellow or rose gold. If this is the case, you may choose lower grades like J or K.

H diamond shading is a decent option too. It is one of the most commonly picked grades due to the balance it keeps with respect to the pricing and the color it displays.

Make sure you remember the above factors in mind when you look to purchase a cushion cut diamond ring.

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