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Harry Potter Private Tour London
London Tourist Attractions

If you are planning to take a Harry Potter private tour London, the Warner Bros. Studio would be a great choice. This is the place where the actors as well as the crew of the Harry Potter film series spent filming scenes for 10 years. This is the location where many famous Harry Potter movies are born. You can learn a lot of information about what all things are done behind the Harry Potter movie from setting the location to creating the special effects.

Another interesting factor that you will be able to understand is how the animal actors in this film were trained. It is really a wonderful experience to watch the amazing sets and see costumes that are used in this film. You will feel like unfolding a Harry Potter movie in front of your eyes. You can also shop for Harry Potter souvenirs in this place. You can also try the famous buttterbeer and the great butterbeer ice cream.

After you enter the Warner Bros. Studio tour you will be first going to a small theater. You can see a pre-recorded video in this theater which shows the stars of the Harry Potter movie. In this video the stars will introduce you the location and they will share some of their experiences about their time in this studio. After seeing this video you can move on to other areas of the studio. Once you reach the indoors you are free to explore the place and check out everything inside it.

You will be thrilled to see the Great Hall of Harry Potter film in front of your eyes. Other attractions are the Dumbledore’s office, and Hagrid’s hut. You can also see the Gryffindor common room and a lot more. In the tour, you can see anything and everything from a Harry Potter movie. It contains the sets of different structures and places shown in the Harry Potter movie.

There are a lot of options for you to take a tour, including the famous Hogwarts Castle and the Hogwarts Express. You also get chance to take photos with the green screen technology. With this technology you can take photos and purchase the photo later if you want.

This is a wonderful place where you can spend your time while visiting London. This will be exciting experience for the Harry Potter lovers as they get to see the locations which are shown in the movie in front of their eyes.

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