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Best Things To Do In London During Winter

London Private Tours
London Private Tours

London is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and people from all over the world come to visit the beautiful city every year. Being the capital city of England makes London a major tourist destination in Europe.

Statistics show that majority of the international tourists that visit London are from the United States. Many Americans choose London as their vacation destination. The Christmas season is coming up and many of you might already be planning a trip to London.

This guide will help you to know some of the interesting things you can do during your London private tours.

Visit A Christmas Market

It is common knowledge that London is a very expensive city. But that should not stop you from visiting a Christmas market in London. The Christmas markets have many stalls that sell handcrafted furniture, sweets, cakes, etc. You don’t need to buy anything from the market, you can observe and enjoy the atmosphere of a typical London Christmas market.

Ice Skating

Since it is winter, ice skating is very common in London. If you are with your family, then your kids will love the ice skating rinks in the Natural History Museum and Somerset House. Both the venues are brilliantly decorated and there will be instructors who will help you to skate even if you are not good at ice skating.

Tea At The Claridges

Tea is very common than coffee among the people of London. If you feel like drinking a cup of tea in the cold London weather, you can go to the Claridges or any other restaurant. Having Traditional afternoon tea is one of the best ways to warm your body.

Watch A West-End Shows

West-end shows are one of the great ways to escape the blistering cold of the winter when you are in London. It is one of the best activities for family tourists in London because the ticket prices are very low.

Watch The Christmas Lights

Private London tours often recommend a trip to Oxford Street and Regent Street during winter even though both the places are very busy. The main reason for this is to see the Christmas light that runs along the street. These Christmas lights truly transform the mood of Oxford street at night and the place is definitely worth visiting.

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