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Each city has some basic mistaken assumptions and London is not different from this. Being a vast city with numerous legends and close association with history, it is easy to be carried away by these misconceptions. You may lose your precious time if you are not careful. Below is a discussion on some of the most common misunderstandings that you have to avoid during your London private tours.

Confusing London Bridge with Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a signature symbol of London; it’s towers and beautiful draw- bridge is an incredible sight. Besides, it is surely the most pictured bridge in London. However, people frequently mistake it for London Bridge. What is more surprising is that this even includes the individuals who may have lived in London for their entire lives!

London Bridge, well known for the tune ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ was considerably more intriguing in its past manifestations. When it was constructed in medieval occasions, it was loaded up with shops and individuals who really lived over the bridge. London Bridge has really fallen or torched several times in its violent history. Today it remains plain, yet trustworthy installation on the Thames. Try not to mistake London Bridge for Tower Bridge

The British Museum and the Museum of London are Not the Same

The names of these foundations are somewhat comparative. However, the exhibition halls themselves provide for various interests so you may be frustrated if you get them all confused. The British Museum is about mankind’s history, craftsmanship and culture. The lasting collection contains around 8 million works, the biggest and most impressive one of its sort. It likewise has the delightful engineering seen behind each work. The Museum of London is about the historical backdrop of the city of London, including The Great Fire, Roman London, WWII, the plague and present-day London. So ensure you indicate the correct destination when you bounce into that black taxi. Try not to confuse the British Museum with the Museum of London.

A Flag above Buckingham Palace Means the Queen is Home

It is easy to perceive why individuals get confounded by this. The old convention was that the Queen’s own banner – the Royal Standard – would fly when she was at home and no banner would fly when she was not inside the dwelling. This custom changed in 1997 because of the demise of Princess Diana. A national condition of grieving invited open criticism that there was no banner flying at half-mast as an indication of grieving at Buckingham Palace.

The aggregate anguish of the country prompted new convention being presented so that there would consistently be a banner flying at the royal residence. It could be brought down to half-mast if there should be an occurrence of a passing. If the Queen is at home The Royal Standard flies from the castle and when she is not inside her home, the Union Flag flies.

Big Ben is the Clock Tower

This is to a greater degree a technical detail yet at the same time great information to be aware. Big Ben is not the clock tower presented. However, it is in truth, the chime that is housed inside the clock tower. It can be heard ringing along the roads of London when the hour concludes. The tower is called Elizabeth Tower or, all the more basically, the clock tower. Big Ben is the bell inside and not the clock tower itself.

Traveling at Rush Hour

Possibly do as such if totally necessary. The tube gets so very occupied between the long stretches of 7.30am and 9.30am and again at night somewhere in the range of 5 pm and 7 pm. It very well may be distressing to travel during this time– which is certainly not something you need when you are on vacation.

Order at the Bar

A straightforward tip, however one that can spare valuable time when you need a speedy serving to eat. In case you are visiting a London pub, or any bar in the UK, go to the bar to order your preferred bites and beverages.

Escalator Rules

This is a typical blunder, as most guests will utilize the cylinder when they initially arrive. Note that it is additionally a decent tip to think about before you reach London. When going on the escalators on the underground, individuals standing ought to do as such to one side, this enables individuals in a rush to walk (or run!) up or down the escalator on the left-hand side. Londoners get very irritated when individuals do not obey this rule. Therefore, remain standing on the right and in case you are carrying luggage, ensure your baggage is on the right as well.

Keep the above points in mind and avoid these mistakes if you are planning to do London private tours.

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