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Though Westminster Abbey is usually known for the royal weddings and coronations, there are also so many famous personalities who are buried in the iconic church. This includes monarchs, poets, scientists, politicians etc.  Here are some of the people whose tombs can be found in Westminster Abbey. In your private London tours, make sure that you visit the Westminster Abbey and see these famous tombs.

Sir Isaac Newton

He was a physicist and mathematician known for his work on the laws of gravitation, motion, calculus, optics, etc. He was the president of the Royal Society and was also knighted by Queen Anne in 1705.   

Charles Darwin

The famous naturalist and geologist, Darwin is known for his contribution to the evolution theory and his best-known work called “On the Origin of Species”. He was the one who introduced the method of natural selection in evolution.

Rudyard Kipling

In the Poet’s corner of the Westminster Abbey is the tomb of the literary giant Rudyard Kipling. He is known for Jungle Book and other stories he wrote for children.

Aphra Behn

She was a playwright and writer who lived in the 17th century. She was the woman who broke the cultural barriers by becoming a writer. She was the also first woman who became a paid writer and was also a spy for Charles II.

Charles Dickens

The author of the books such as “A Christmas Carol”, “A Tale of Two Cities”, “Oliver Twist”, and “Great Expectations”, Dickens is one of the most famous English writers. He wrote many novels, novellas, short stories, and articles during his lifetime.

Dr. Samuel Johnson

He is known for his “A Dictionary of the English Language” which was published in 1755. He was one of the most dominant writers of the 18th century. Until the Oxford dictionary was introduced about 150 years later, this was the ruling British dictionary.

David Livingstone

He was a Christian missionary and an explorer who is well known for his meeting with Stanley and his exploration of the continent of Africa. He was the one who discovered the sources of the river Nile and he also worked for the abolition of slavery.

Elizabeth I

She was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Her reign is known as the Elizabethan era and was the golden age of drama, poetry, music, etc. Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe are of her time. She did not marry even though she was on the throne for 44 years. She was buried here.

If you are a history enthusiast then you cannot miss out these famous tombs in Westminster Abbey on your London private tours.

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