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Flowers always make your day special. London has a good range of choices when it comes to choosing wedding flowers. If you are a flower enthusiast, you could go for London private tours to the different flower gardens in the city, which includes the Fulham Palace Gardens, Chelsea Physic Garden, and many other beautiful ones. Other than beautiful flower gardens, the city is also full of talented florists. Below is the list of some remarkable florists in London.

Princess & Kō

Princess & Kō is a relatively new flower store in London. This awesome store was put together by Dawid and Elias in December 2015. Both of them were working together with the honored London florists called McQueens for about three years before they established the Princess & Kō.

This awesome place could fulfill all your floral needs starting from creating custom-made bouquets to making your wedding decorations look magical. In addition to this, they also run master classes where they would teach you almost everything starting from making table centers to beautiful flower crowns.

The Flower Appreciation Society

This company was founded by talented duo Ellie and Anna. They are self-styled florists, unlike the average florists you can come across during your London private tours. Their amazing homespun style has always conquered the hearts of Londoners. The special group classes they provide are also well admired. They teach a number of things like how to make flower headdresses, hand-tied bouquets, and provide Do-It-Yourself bridal flower courses too.

The Flowerbx

This awesome online delivery service for flowers was started by Adam Wilkie and Whitney Bromberg Hawkings. They even cut out the middle third-party services from this from this flower delivery service for providing flowers to their customers as new as possible. The flowers delivered at this place are directly coming from Holland.

Petalon Flowers

Petalon Flowers is a flower delivery company based in London. The company is run by the couple, James and Florence, who are also the partners of the company. Petalon features a clean website and gorgeous floral Instagram feed in the place of a physical shop. You would be able to see beautiful bouquets at a price range of £20 to £30 on their site every Monday morning. They also donate £1 from each of their sale to the Bee Collective, which is a non-commercial organization that works towards the greater good of nature.

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