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The concept of wedding photography has grown phenomenally in recent years. Currently, most couples opt to schedule their wedding photography in foreign destinations in order to make their wedding album really unique and outstanding. One of the picture perfect locations that you may consider in order to rock your wedding photography is London.

The capital city of England hosts a number of spectacular spots that are sure to make your wedding album stand out from the crowd. Some of those impressive spots in London that you may consider are listed below.

The Tower Bridge

The incredible Tower Bridge is one of the most celebrated landmarks in London. This marvelous overpass will surely make a stunning background to click some romantic moments between you and your significant other. In addition, the time is not a barrier here since the Tower Bridge looks extremely spectacular during both the day and night. The bridge will be fully illuminated at night and will make a great frame if you love everything sparkling. The beautiful reflection of Thames River as well will add to the beauty of your photos.

You can choose any of the banks for your photo shoot since both the riverbanks offer decent photo spots. You can include the Tower of London and some other skyscrapers that make up the London city as well in your frame if you shot it at the South Bank. Furthermore, you will not deal with space issues at the Tower Bridge that usually happens with top-rated spots.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is at an accessible distance from the Tower Bridge. One of the stunning options that can surely add a stylish touch to your wedding album is the white tower here. Furthermore, there are mainly two things, which you must absolutely take care of when in London: the quick weather change and the tourist mayhem.

When it comes to the weather, it is really unpredictable, and hence, you will have to go with your guts as well as the weather forecast information. As far as the crowd is concerned, you can easily tackle it by reaching the Tower of London as early as possible. Shooting a proposal scene at 06:00 am with the Tower of London in the backdrop will be spellbindingly charismatic. However, the entry to this amazing monument will be allowed only after 09:00 am.

Westminster Abbey

No one can wrap up their London tours without enjoying the timeless beauty of the Westminster Abbey. Let alone the case of a wedding photo shoot. Note that this ancient church hosts a number of royal coronations and wedding ceremonies every year. You can also see the grave of some celebrated people at this church. However, you are not allowed to photograph the interior of Westminster Abbey. Fortunately, the façade of this eye-catching monument is incredibly photogenic.

Again, you will have to click the photos from the two inconvenient roads in front of the tower. Hence, it is really important to take along an extremely talented photographer to click some images that are sure to woo the viewers. Furthermore, Westminster Abbey is easily accessible means of the tube transportation system here and the closest tube stops are St. James Park and Westminster.

The London Eye

The London Eye is one of the most admired attractions of the capital city of England. Needless to say, it makes a stunning portrait to picture your wedding photographs. You can choose any spot to click some breathtakingly beautiful photos. One of the perfect shooting spots to click you post or pre-wedding photos with the London Eye in backdrop is the Westminster Bridge. Note that this spot offers a dazzling view of the Thames River as well. Another obvious spot for clicking your images from is the London Eye itself.

The panoramic view of the metropolis from the top of the London Eye is something that you will surely cherish for the rest of your life. The best time to click some mind-blowing snaps will be after sunset when the entire city will be illuminated. However, you cannot take many photography tools or gears when riding on the London Eye and will have to face some space limitations as well. The only way to address this issue is to rely on a creative and experienced wedding photographer.

Pergola Gardens

This is one of the hidden gems in London, and unlike the above-mentioned spots, the Pergola Gardens will be less crowded. Hence, you will be able to shoot some amazingly captivating images at your own leisure. The interiors, the nearby pond, and the ancient construction, colorful blooms, etc, are something that can instantly and effortlessly boost up the beauty of every photo. In fact, it will be a dream place for photographers to click some incredibly attractive photos.

Most photographers even recommend Pergola and Hill Gardens for conducting exotic engagement and outdoor wedding ceremonies. So you can have a destination wedding here as well.

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