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London is really a charming and picturesque place, and if you journey out of the City Center during your private London tours, you would be able to experience a ton of pastel, neon, floral and tropical eye candy. Below are some beautiful photogenic locations you really need to capture while in London.

God’s Own Junkyard

This place would be perfect for you if an illuminated spectacle is what you mostly prefer; just head straight to Walthamstow. At this north London industrial estate, you would be able to find an excellent 37-year-old collection of artworks by Chris Bracey. That is not all that is here for admiring though; the interior of the building is decorated with vintage signs, artworks, and movie props. You would also be able to find stunning light displays that were used in films, exhibitions, and photo shoots. After you finish taking pictures, you could go hit the Rolling Scones café for some tea, or get beer at the Wild Card Brewery, which is just a short distance away.


This wonderful townhouse looks much a lot like a swish before you enter it. Inside, you get served with what can only be called a feast for the eyes. The best highlights of Sketch’s interior include the Gallery, which is a beautiful dining room done fully in pastel pink color, featuring comedic prints by the artist David Shrigley. You would be able to sip an outstandingly Instagram-friendly afternoon tea.

The two-Michelin-star Lecture Room and Library at this place also look both colorful and magnificent. Another incredible attraction of the place is the Glade, which is a spectacular woodland-themed restaurant; you would also be able to find a self-playing piano here. The toilets here look like futuristic pods, and these can actually play the bird song. As a whole, the entire place is perfect for capturing a ton of pictures, although it goes without saying you do not want to be snapping away next to an occupied urinal.

The Churchill Arms

If you are looking for a characteristic British pub, this is the perfect place for you. This is easily one of the most impressive pubs in the city. The exterior is beautifully covered in plants and flowers. The entire pub is decorated with baskets, 200 tubs, window boxes full of blossoms, and evergreen undergrowth. The place is photogenic during all times of the year. You would also be able to have a pint at the inside bar, which looks really stunning with eccentric Winston Churchill and London memorabilia.

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