Is It Fine to Take your Child’s Stroller to London?

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When you have really children along on a trip, no matter where you are headed, it makes sense to hold your amount of luggage near the manageable minimum. What you cannot dispense with though, are strollers for children that need them. London’s immense appeal as a tourist destination includes the fact that here, you can take pushchairs/strollers on to public transportation. That said, you need to be aware that many of the tube stations have only escalators or steps, instead of elevators.

Where that would normally be considered a gross failing on the government’s part, it bears remembering that London Undergroundis pretty old; in fact, it is the world’s oldest tube network, and famous for it. Most key stations in London actually do have elevators; it is just that you cannot be reasonably sure you will only be using one of those.

Taking a Stroller

It is allowed to carry strollers along the escalators but the key thing here is to keep a perfect balance of your buggy in one step. Parents are likely to face a forward thrust as they head in an upward direction, which is likely to make them hold their hands high up. On the other hand, if they experience a backward push they are likely to lock their arms in place, which is bad in its own way. Just make sure to clearly remember the size and weight of your child and stroller wherever you go, and adapt based on the situation you find yourself in.

London buses are much more suited to taking a stroller with you each having place in it for two strollers. However, if there is already a wheelchair user there, they would be given precedence. Even then, you only need to try and avoid the rush hour and you should be fine.

Using Baby Carrier

There are also a number of parents that prefer bringing a baby carrier instead, so that their child could strapped to them. This may seem convenient at first but can turn very tiring as the day wears on, particularly if your child is just a few months old. Just make sure you have alternatives, in case you end up buying and needing to carry things back to your hotel.

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