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There are so many romantic places in London where couples can spend time, sharing their hearts. Here is a list of the most romantic of such places in London. If you are planning to visit London with your partner, assure that you read this and plan your trip accordingly.

Most Romantic Pub

There are several couple-friendly pubs in the city where you can spend time with your partner. The Fox and Anchor pub in Clerkenwell can be a good choice. The food is such that you tend to forget everything else and fall in love all over again.

Most Romantic Lover’s Arch

If you like wandering around with your partner, you may go to the Kensington Palace Gardens where you can spend time strolling under the lover’s arch formed by the flowerbeds that grow in front of the royal residence. The vines that grow here make the perfect place for you to walk hand in hand with your partner.

Most Romantic Garden

Undoubtedly, roses are the best flower to share your love for your partner. It will be an amazing experience for you both to take a walk through the roses in Queen’s Mary Garden. The garden has the largest collection of roses in London city.

Most Romantic Restaurant

Though there are so many restaurants meant for tourists in London city, not all of them are couple friendly. Normal restaurants might be crowded and will fail to offer much-needed privacy for the couples. Soho’s Andrew Edmunds is a restaurant set up in an 18th-century townhouse and can be a romantic restaurant, ideal for the couples.

Most Romantic View

There are some views, which can inspire romance. The view from the top of Greenwich Park is the best in London and it will be a majestic view for both of you to celebrate your love.

Most Romantic Room in a Museum

Among the numerous rooms in numerous museums of London, the William and Judith Bollinger Jewelry Gallery in Victoria and Albert Museum is the one which will keep you both wondering. The room has several giant gems. There are around 3500 jewels in the room. You can also design your ring, with the inspiration you gained from seeing the huge collection in the room.

There are many such romantic places in the city of London where you can enjoy the moments you spend on your London tours. Explore and know about more of them so that you can make the best out of your trip.

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