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London is an ever-changing city that serves up something new every time you visit. A handful of new attractions and innovations have opened up for visitors to London in the recent past. These are totally worth your visit, and feature on the must-visit list of London. Below is a discussion on some of the best new attractions in London that you have to visit after your London private tours.

View from the Shard

The Shard has the accolade of being Western Europe’s tallest structure, and stands tall above the South Bank in London. The glass tower is accessible to the general public in a few pathways. There is a luxury inn and a blend of various restaurants you can try (and the views are free in case you are eating). If you just need the view, then do the View from The Shard experience, where you get to the highest point of the building in a quick elevator, and after that get all-round views of London and nearby regions. St Paul’s consistently looks excellent, regardless of the climate.

This fascination is somewhat expensive – it begins at £30.95 for grown-ups. It’s less expensive if you book ahead of time on their site. This is highly recommended due to the popularity of the place.

Slide at The Orbit

You may recollect The Orbit tower from its numerous appearances during the London 2012 games. This structure designed by Anish Kapoor was a focal point of attention at the time. Now it is at the centre of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. As a place of attraction, it hasn’t been especially well known because firstly, there is very little to do in the recreation center yet. Besides, it is quite a long way from Central London and participation numbers are at a frustrating low. To attract more interest, they have installed the world’s longest slide to the structure.

The Sky Garden

Several people requested that the public deserves some sort of access to the new building at 20 Fenchurch Street. It is informally known as the ‘Walkie Talkie’. A free open Sky Garden has been incorporated at the highest point of the building. The public plant enclosures also offer stunning views on the City of London. There are additionally two cafés and two bars situated in the Sky Garden. It is also advisable to make bookings here before the time, in order to ensure you get seats.

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