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Places To Visit In London During 2020

Private London Tours
Private London Tours

The British capital, London is one of the best places to visit during your vacation. Since there are so many historical places and architectural wonders in this city, it is always better to have a guide to lead your path. London is also known for its shopping destinations and nightlife. If you are planning to visit any place with your family during this year, London will be your best choice because this place is both important for its cultural tourism and also for its aesthetic beauty. During your private London tours, the following places must be covered to get the complete taste of the place.

The London Eye

This is one of iconic landmarks of London. It is a giant observation wheel opened during 2000 and it is about 135 meters high. During the time of its inauguration, it was the biggest Ferris wheel around the world and still it is the tallest observation wheels on the planet. This architectural wonder is not only decorated with lights for aesthetic beauty but also to give a joyride to the visitors. This place has become very famous because it gives the visitors an aerial view of London city.

Hyde Park

If you have visited many monuments and museums in London and are looking for an outdoor destination to calm yourself, the Hyde park is the best choice. It is one of the largest royal parks in London. This is an ideal location to spend some time if you are visiting London with your spouse and children because it has everything from play areas to horse riding zones to keep them entertained. This place also has a beautiful lake to give you so many refreshing memories. The bandstand in the Hyde park will be having some events like music concerts, speeches and dance programs everyday during the year.`

The Stonehenge

It is one of the most famous spots in London that you must not miss during your visit. It is located 88 miles away from the city of London in a place called Wiltshire. It is one of the oldest archeological findings and as per the studies, it is believed to be built during 2400BC. This is also one of the mysterious sites in London because still there are no proper answers to who build this monument and why was it built` for. There are many spooky stories associated with this structure and ghost tourism is one of the main entertainments of this place.

The above mentioned are only a few places in London that must be visited during 2020 because all these places will be hosting so many entertainment programs and events to give you a different experience on your tour.   

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