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On the visit to an entirely new city with an atmosphere strange to you, it is necessary to be alert of the deceptions and swindles that take place there. If you do not have proper knowledge of the frauds happening there, it is possible that one or the other will cheat you, sometimes even without your knowledge. Though it is not meant to scare you out, you must be vigilant and cautious of the scams that are prevalent in London city. This can be of great help to you on your London private tours.

Contactless Card-Readers

You need to be beware of the contactless card-readers. There might be some fraudulent people who travel or walk next to you and they will brush these card readers against your pocket or bag where you keep the card, to steal the money in your card. You can avoid this from happening by covering your card with a foil that will bar the signal from the card reader.

Bag-Cutting Thieves

They are usually at work in the crowds of London city. Similar to the pickpockets, they cut the bags at the bottom and use another bag to collect the things that fall out. They may also cut the sides of rucksacks to get hold of the things easily. Beware of them when you are in crowds in the city during your private London tours.

Counterfeit Designer Products

The London market is not the place for you to buy designer products. The street sellers have a wide selection of such products. However, they are all counterfeit or second quality products, which resemble the original largely. You may find good designer stores on Bond Street and Regents Street.

Fake Theater Tickets

This is very common in Leicester Square. There will be fake tickets sold by some people, which will be a tempting option before you if you did not get tickets earlier. Make sure you buy a ticket only from the legal box office or from the theater.

Fake Charity Collectors

They are also abundantly found in the city of London. They take advantage of the generous and kindhearted people. Before donating to any charity, ask them to show their registration details and license. It is mandatory for them to have those to make charity collections.

Borrowing Your Phone

Some fraudulent people approach you asking for your phone. They might give some convincing reason for the borrow, but be cautious and allow them to use the phone only while they are near you. Do not take your eye off them when they are using your phone.

Consider these tips seriously, to keep yourself away from scams while on your London private tours.

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