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The Best Cycling Trails of London

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Best Cycling Trails

London is indeed a picturesque city with a beautiful blend of the old and the new. There is no better way to explore the attractions of the city on two wheels. The city is friendly to bikers and offers plenty of options to enthusiastic cyclists. There are several trails through the city, which you can explore on your London private tours. Below is a list of some of the best trails that you can take while riding your bike.

Central London to Box Hill

This Central London route was part of the 2012 Olympic road-cycling course. Although it is a little long with 22.5 miles, it is totally worth a ride. After you have completed this distance, you can finally ascend the Box Hill if you are still up for more.

Greenwich to Gravesend

This is one of the best cycling trails in the city, as it is a traffic-free ride. It lasts for 16.7 miles with the best views on the way. The trail starts at the banks of the Thames and follows the National Cycle Route 1 before it reaches the Gravesend. As the trail is free of traffic, you will be able to appreciate the Millenium Dome and the Canary Wharf in all its glory.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park is ideal for a trip on the cycle with your family. This is also a great spot beside the river in the southwest of the city. The park has a perimeter of 1.7 miles, which you can cover on your bike. Make sure you stop at the boating lake and the zoo on your trip.

The Wandle Trail

The Wandle Trail meanders through South London and takes you on an interesting ride through the city. the trail begins at Wandsworth Town railway station and passé through the banks of Wandle River. On the way, it crosses wetlands, covering parks, and a nature reserve. It is a flat trail and you can include your whole family on your ride. Note that there are no docking stations beyond the south of Wandsworth, and hence, you will have to loop back to the spot.

East-West Cycle Superhighway

This is the London’s East-West Cycle Superhighway, which starts at Tower Hill and ends at the Lancaster Gate. It covers all the main attractions of the city as well as the Royal Parks. The path was originally designed for cyclists and you can visit Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, or St. James’s park on the way.

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