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The Best Places to See Cherry Blossom in London

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The cherry blossoms are actually beautiful flowers that could be seen in vivid colors. The cherry blossom tree reaches its full bloom by the rise of the spring season, which is really a very beautiful sight. There is even a festival called Cherry Blossom Festival in London celebrated during March and April in honor of the cherry blossom.

London has many awesome places where you could view the beautiful blooming flowers. This beautiful sight could be seen at the best parks of London or in the attractive suburban streets. Below is a list of the best places where you could see the cherry blossom during your London private tours.

Regent’s Park

As you walk along the entrance of the Chester Road, you would be able to find a street encircled by beautiful, tall, and pinky-white cherry blossoms of Sunset Boulevard variety. You would be able to find more cherry trees go to the southern end of the Avenue Gardens. At this place, you would see bright pink trees creating a candyfloss cloud.

Greenwich Park

You would be able to find a road beautiful with cherry trees on its either side, past the cricket ground in Greenwich Park. This leads directly to the Ranger’s House, the Georgian villa. The branches that are tangled together create a perfect candyfloss arc, which really is an incredible sight. While walking through this place you should be careful as not to slip and fall.

St. James’s Park

To get the perfect view of the flamboyant cherry blooms of St. James’s Park, you would have to go in a full circle. When you reach the Storey’s Gate, you would be able to see a group of pinky-white trees. As you walk towards the Buckingham Palace, you would get the perfect view of graceful cherry trees inclined towards the lake, which are actually the first trees to blossom in this area.

Kew Gardens

The cherry trees at the Kew Gardens start blooming by the mid through late April. This place has a beautiful cherry walk of its own, which starts from the Rose Garden behind the Palm House. The sight of the parallel rows of beautiful white cherry trees that could be seen in this region is really incredible. As you move further towards the King William’s temple, you would be able to find the pink blossoms.

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