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Cotswolds is a breathtakingly beautiful place that you will fall in love with at the first sight itself. Take a private Cotswolds tours from London to reach here. Once you visit this place you will want to revisit it again. The place has some magic that will attract to you towards it. Never miss this place when you are planning your London tour. This place will fill you with serenity and happiness. Be ready to get astonished by the beauty of this wonderful place.

This range of hills which lay in west-central England spreads across a large area which is almost 800 square miles. You can visit some other famous towns like Stratford, Oxford etc just outside this range of hills. The area is specifically known for small attractive towns which are built of the underlying Cotswold stone.

During the medieval period, ranging from 13-15th centuries, the native sheep of Cotswold was very famous. They were well known for their heavy fleeces as well as for the wool of high quality. There was a high demand for this wool during that period and it commanded a high price. The wool traders were able to collect large amount of money by wool trade.

The wealth earned by these traders resulted in the construction of wonderful houses and beautiful churches which are known as “wool churches”. These houses and churches still remain as a significant mark left behind by the wealthy wool traders of medieval period. Sheep on the Cotswolds hillside remain as a classic image even today.

For people from other countries Cotswold is an area which provides a typical English countryside view. The quaint villages, beautiful houses and historic churches portray a clam and peaceful village life.

You can marvel the beauty of old castles and palaces along with country houses. The villages which are featured by the golden stone are the other attractions that you can find here. Each place here has its own unique identity, at the same time they are all defined by the same honey-colored stone.

For those who love the atmosphere of a village, this will be a heaven. You can get away from the busy life of the city and enjoy a calm and pleasant atmosphere here. If you want to take a break from the hassles of the city, this is the ideal destination for you. You can enjoy the beauty of this amazing place and indulge in the quietness that this place offers. You will never get enough of this place that you will always want to return here.

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