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The Most Popular Food Tours and Tastings of London

Private London Tours
Private London Tours

Food tours and popular tastings are among the favorite things of most people while they are taking private London tours. Thai street food tours and Swiss chocolate tastings are some of the most loved choices that offer travelers great insight about London. Along with all these, it is very exciting to know that London is a place which offers some of the most popular drink and food tours of the world.

Historically, the United Kingdom had a bad reputation when it came to the matter of food, but all of it has changed during the past years, which is why it became a big array of top-quality food producers. Most of them often offer food tours along with tastings to show visitors what they have in store. Long tours are often made available in many forms – from market tours and neighborhood walks to sweet treats and cheese tastings. Here are the most celebrated food tours that are worth exploring in London.

Taste of Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the most popular food markets in London which has its produce from the UK and more places. If you are someone who is least interested in wandering around in a market, the best option for you would be to join a food tour to feast around in the place.

Food writer named Celia Brooks is the only food guide who is licensed by the market to run food tours for travelers and these tours take its start on Friday mornings. You would get the chance to stop and explore various producers who would love to pull plates of meat, scallops, handmade chocolates, British cheeses, and Spanish charcuterie.

You would get a lot of time to interact with the producers to learn how the products are grown and made. You could get the chance of buying things as long as you want or even ask the stallholders to keep it reserved for you until you come back to them after the food tour.

Stopping at the Bedales wine bar could often be a choice if you need some rest, and the guide of your food tour would know almost all of the producers which can, in turn, help you to get a lot of insight about the market.

Twilight Soho Food Tour

This particular food tour takes you through one of the most famous neighborhoods of London from where you can get some really satisfying drinks and cuisine. The food of this place includes British gin, tacos, meat pies, etc. and this is what makes it a microcosm of the world.

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