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London is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cities on the planet. The city is a perfect package for every traveler who yearns to explore something new and unique. Plus, it has something in the store for everyone regardless of one’s areas of interest. Since the range of attractions in the English capital city is infinite, a newbie may find it a bit challenging to narrow down a few options on his/her private London tours.

Plus, there is a certain code of conduct that you must maintain on your London tours. In other words, there are certain mistakes that a first-timer is likely to make while exploring London. Some of those terrible mistakes that you must avoid at any cost on your private London tours are listed below. Note that these expert tips will surely make it easier for you to get around the city.


One of the main factors that you will have to consider when traveling in a foreign country is transportation. In London, the public transport system is just excellent. However, there are certain rules the passengers are expected to follow while traveling on London public transport. When it comes to the tube trains, commuters are expected to stand only on the right side of the escalator. Note that the left side is for walking and standing or keeping your luggage on this side is likely to halt the traffic. This will surely make you stand out. Plus, you are likely to encounter some furious stares from your fellow-passengers.

Besides, never leave your luggage unattended as you board into the tube trains. Of course, you may have a long trip and keeping your heavy luggage with you can be an issue. Thankfully, many trains come with a designated area to keep the luggage. Still, it is not a good idea to keep your luggage out of your sight. So, it is better to find a seat nearby. If there are no empty seats, it is better to wait till you find one. After all, your luggage is your responsibility.

If you are a budget traveler, it is better not to travel on trains during peak hours. At this time, the train fares are likely to be high when compared to other timings. So, make sure to wait for the peak time, which is till 09:30 am, to pass for a cost-effective journey. You can, however, explore your nearby places that are accessible by foot during these hours.


Now, most people may think that it will be hassle-free to walk on the pavement and it does not require much advice or suggestions. If you are also thinking the same way, you are terribly wrong. One of the biggest mistakes that most travelers tend to make is to wait for their companions in front of shops, museums, etc. Needless to mention, the pavement is for walking and blocking the way of passers-by can earn you nothing but some disgusting looks. Similarly, act according to the width of the pavement, especially when traveling in groups.

If the walkway is too narrow, make sure not to walk in a group since it will make it challenging for others to pass through. If you are with your children, make sure to walk them through the inner side of the pavement. In case you are traveling in a bigger group, it is highly recommended for two representatives to walk in front and back of your group. It is to be noted that the chances for you to miss your people on busy streets are high. Of course, finding them from a huge crowd will be daunting and it is likely to consume a good share of your time.

Furthermore, the pace of life in the English capital city is much higher when compared to other suburban places. So, walking slowly on the pavements as well can irritate the locals here, particularly during the peak hours. On a related note, most Londoners tend to get short lunch breaks. So, they would be rushing to and from their home and their only focus will be to commute as fast as possible.


If you are wondering about the food scenario in London, you are likely to get amused by the range of options. You can find everything here ranging from cafes, bars, economic eateries, majestic restaurants, coffee shops, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that you can have it all. In case you are exploring the city during nighttime, one of the main options that you may consider will be bars or nightclubs. Nevertheless, never purchase burgers or hotdogs from the outdoor carts on your way back.

Most of such outdoor snacks here are prepared under poor hygiene standards. So, the chances for you to fall sick the next day are high in this case. Similarly, it is recommended not to buy food from extremely pricey eateries. It is worth noting that there are numerous affordable dining options in London that offers some of the best local and international cuisines. Things will be different if you are a super-rich person or a traveler who love to discover what it is like to dine at the finest London restaurants.

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