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London City has lots to offer to the average tourist, but a tour of the place would only reach its fullest after you visited the famous world heritage site made of massive stone. Stonehenge is one of those tourist attractions which scream “British”.

Where is it located?

Located on Salisbury Plain, and over an 87.8-mile drive from London, it can be chosen for all tourists that want a break from the sights of the city, as it takes about 1 hour and 52 minutes from the mainland. Amesbury is the nearest town to Stonehenge.

How do you get there?

When traveling by road, you have to choose the A303 or the M3. There are even private London tours which can take you very near to the structure, and on what are called Special Access visits. There are trains from Waterloo if you opt to take public transport.

What Are The Surrounding Attractive Spots?

Stonehenge Cursus is one of the neighboring monuments you will want to visit. There is also a pair of parallel yards built 37 yards apart, called the Avenue, which is believed to have been assembled as a professional route towards the Stonehenge. Other than that you have Robin Hood’s Ball, Neolithic houses, Cuckoo Stone, Woodhenge, Winterbourne Stoke Barrows and Durrington Walls.

What is the Stonehenge Exhibition?

The treasures numbering up to 250, which relate to the Stonehenge, have been brought together and are showcased to the public. They include old jewelry, tools, pottery and even mortal remains. These are displayed in ways allowing a closer look at how and even why these massive structures were probably made.

What Services Can Be Availed From The Stonehenge Visitor Centre?

Considering its remoteness, the authorities have tried their best to provide maximum comfort to people visiting Stonehenge. There are enough car parking facilities inside a distance of a mile from here. Cafes and gift shops selling exotic souvenirs are easy to find. Before boarding, the kiosk gives small hand guides narrating the background history to visitors in numerous languages.

When Is The Smartest Time To Visit?

Stonehenge is visited through the 12 months of the year. The times when tourist coaches arrive can get really crowded. Try to avoid those peak hours when showing up or leaving.

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