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London Private Tours
Private London Tours

London is full of gorgeous sites that are capable of making anyone fall in love with the city. Spots like Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye are some among the most frequently visited places. However, there are also a few places in London, which are seldom opted by tourists. Yet these places have a completely different aura to them and you can witness and experience these places all on your own too. Below are a few of the hidden and lesser-known attractions in the city that you can visit during your London private tours.

Little Venice

Little Venice is a series of tree-paved canals that is located in the heart of the London city. The interesting fact is that many tourists and travelers tend to miss it completely. The place extends from Hyde Park to Warwick Avenue and is close to the city center. You can easily visit it when you are roaming around the city. The best part about these canals is that you will find a number of colorful boats on the waters here. Many of these can be boarded, while some also serve as cafés and tearooms. A brunch or a high tea in the boat would be a very pleasant way to spend your time in the canals.

Neal’s Yard

If you are the kind of person who loves to explore the unknown streets, you have come to the right place. Neal’s yard is the place with a fair share of colorful streets, secret bookstores, pretty corners, and quiet teashops. Located close to the Covent Garden train station, this place is a gem of a find in London. There are a number of houses as well, adorned by colorful façades which also house the gorgeous cafés and food stalls. The best thing about the place is that there is no usual hustle of the city and you can enjoy a quiet day in the streets.

Spitalfields and Brick Lane

This is yet another cool neighborhood to hang out without all the bustle of modern settings. The brick lanes of the Spitalfields and the arousing aroma from the nearby curry houses create a completely different ambiance as you walk through this place. There are several attractions to be explored down this street. You can admire the street art or the chocolate shops. You can also be lost in the vintage stores that will keep you occupied. Do not forget to try London’s finest handcrafted wares that can also be found here.

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