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When touring around the present day London, you will realize that once the capital of the most powerful nation has got many hidden secrets to be revealed. It is certainly much more than it actually looks once you visit the subterranean side of London.The city houses intriguing secret tunnels, ancient cave systems, mystic train routes, terrifying tombs and many more.

Chislehurst Caves

Extending to a length of 20 miles, the caves of Chieslehurst were formed due to intense chalk and flint mining. They are claimed to be at least 8000 years old. The varied history of the caves can be explored by moving about in the cave with a lit lamp. Any visitor would get amused of the rich history including the World War period, as it was used as an ammunition depot and air raid shelter.

London Tombs

The early days of the city can be explored on London private tours. Often believed to be the most haunted bridge of the world, it narrates the histories of Roman, Victorian and the Vikings. By going deeper to the tomb of London, one would really feel the frightful nature of the spot. Lately, a Hollywood inspired makeover was given to this former plague pit. Existing spookiness was further intensified with more spine-chilling special effects along with living actors.

Brunel Tunnel

The 170 years old tunnel across the River Thames was once deemed as the eighth wonder of the world. The creation of this massive and innovative construction then was almost a miracle. Brunel of Isambard Kingdom might be the first to think that a tunnel can be built underground a river, which will not obstruct the passage of ships above. In 2010, the mysterious tunnel was reopened as part of the London Overground. Moreover, a secret chamber can be discovered by descending straight from the Grand Entrance Hall.

Cabinet War Rooms

During the Second World War, this labyrinth of bunkers was the headquarters of Britain’s war effort. Once you get down into the historic Cabinet War Rooms, you will be transported to an ambiance of Blitz. It was from this room that Winston Churchill planned the future of Britain that can easily be figured out from the still remaining scratch marks on the arms of the chair. The things in the room were not moved or distorted after the war, whereas they are allowed to remain as such, like that of the color-coded telephones and wartime maps.

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