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There are numerous dining places in London and it is very easy to get confused as to which one to visit. However, the city also offers a few weird eateries that will make you remember the place for a long time. Each one has a unique property which makes them stand out among the thousands of other restaurants. Read on to learn more about these weird restaurants and their specialties. Make sure you visit these places during your London Private Tours.

Hoxley And Porter

Vintage encounters are not very difficult to find in the city, yet vintage eating certainly turns many heads. Hoxley and Porter is certainly one of the weirdest and interesting cafés in London. They offer the best in shimmering, vintage mode feasting with seasonal plates and top draw cocktails for more pleasure. 

Maxwell’s Bar & Grill

With regards to American food in London, Maxwell’s have a peculiarity of not following any rules at all. It might be a usual coffee shop, but it is the abnormal dishes and beverages that catch many people by surprise here. Visit the place for special doughnut burgers and freak shakes loaded with one of a kind flavor. 

Trader Vic’s

There are a lot of tiki bars in London, however, relatively few that you can feast in. They give you the temperature of the South Pacific with island-themed insides. Trader Vic’s produce some of the most delicious plates on the planet. 

Inamo Covent Garden

This is one of London’s advanced, tech-minded eateries. Inamo in Covent Garden gives a great option in contrast to feasting out in the city. Eat along as they serve with Eastern fare. Besides, they offer interactive tables for an additional spark in your London night. 

Hip Hop Brunch LDN

If you consider hip hop is the best genre of music today and that the most significant meal of the day is brunch, then this place is for you. Blend both these entertainments at this bizarre and magnificent café in London. The restaurant pays respect to all urban things. You can join Hip Hop Brunch for wild feasting accompanied by music, karaoke and much more. 

Inamo Soho

A similar old routine with regards to feasting is that you think the waiter will come to you first. However, this is not the case at Inamo Soho, the strange London café. They offer one of a kind and tech experience as you can order through the digital menu at your table. 

Keep these places in mind if you are visiting weird restaurants in London.

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