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Visiting London during the time of Christmas will be an incredible experience. This is one of the most wonderful time of the year, when the city is adorned with Christmas trees and lights. The celebrations will start a few weeks prior to Christmas. If you are planning to visit London this is the best time, as the city will be awakened with Christmas spirit. Hence, book your tickets for private London tours now for visiting this wonderful city on this special occasion.

When Christmas arrives, the streets will be illuminated with millions of lights, the markets will be crowded with people doing their Christmas shopping and the atmosphere will be electric with Christmas songs.

Christmas is one of the most awaited celebrations in London. People from all over the world flock to this place to enjoy the magnificent beauty of this city during the Christmas days.

From the early December itself, you can see a lot of extravagant Christmas markets in London. You will be able to purchase anything and everything from these markets including your Christmas apparel to special gifts for your loved ones. These markets are one of the factors that fill London with the spirit of Christmas. Following are a few of such markets that you should definitely visit during your private London tours.

Southbank Centre’s winter market

This is a popular winter market that serves the best food. You can get a variety of snacks and other delicious Christmas dishes from this market. This is a heaven for cheese lovers as there will be enormous varieties of cheese for them to delve in. Enjoy some yummy snacks along with your favorite wine or cider to make your Christmas more delightful.

Winter Wonderland

This is one of the famous Christmas markets in London that is well known for its festive extravaganza. It draws thousands of people from all around the city. There will be a lot of bars, restaurants, cafes etc. in this market where you can find anything that you will crave for your Christmas feast. To add more merriment to your visit, this market offers many interesting activities like circuses, comedy shows, ice rinks, rollercoasters and a lot more.

Kingston Christmas market

If you want a more relaxed atmosphere head straight to the Kingston Christmas market situated just outside the city. There will be live entertainment programs and intriguing market stalls for giving you a wonderful Christmas experience. You can enjoy some delicious street foods along with mulled wine to make your Private London tours an unforgettable experience.

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