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The first time that you visit London, the place can be a bit overwhelming. With the huge buildings, shiny lights, pushing crowds, etc, it is hard to focus on or choose from the range of choices London offers. Below are some of the most fun things you should try and do while in London.

The Murder Express

The Murder Express gives you London’s most immersive dining experience. It actually looks like a train station with lot of railway lines, with the studios built under the arches. It combines a heavenly meal with a good story-based depiction of a comedic murder mystery. If you would like extra entertainment to make your dining experience more special, then this surely is a place for you.

On the Murder Express, you would be able to experience a fun murder mystery party with the characters playing out the story around you, and a special three-course meal you can enjoy in the meantime. It is common for food to become secondary when paying attention to the elements of the show, but there is little danger of that happening here. The menu is prepared by a team of two Master Chef Finalists, Billy and Jack.

Silent Sounds Boat Party

The Silent Sounds Boat Party gives you a very unique experience. It takes you along on the river Thames, and you get to see London’s beautiful sights while partying the night at the Silent Disco. The setting is one that lets you dance and sing and party with friends, which in London is usually a delightful experience. Partying in London is frequently a special experience, but Silent Sounds takes that to the next level, and presents you with the chance to enjoy an epic night.

Pizza Making – With Free Cocktail!

La Famiglia promises you an unforgettable night of tossing dough, Italian pizza making, and cocktail-mixing. They show you multiple secret recipes for perfect stone-baked pizza. The experience here includes

  • Enjoying a welcome cocktail drink
  • Learning the art of making pizza
  • Making a tasty sour dough to take home with you
  • Participating in dough tossing competitions
  • Eating your own pizza

Locked in a Room

The Locked in a Room challenge is one of the most immersive challenges you can partake in for fun, where the main objective is escaping a locked room. It is a uniquely fun-filled challenge based on pure escape, which can only be accomplished through teaming up effectively with the people playing alongside you. This challenge is an ideal way to cultivate good team spirit among players, and is available in eight identical rooms for the best multi-escape experience.

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