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Helpful Tips to Consider When Visiting London with Your Little Ones

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Winter holidays are on the horizon and most people will be busy planning their holidays. If you are planning to travel with your babies or toddlers, you must consider certain factors while crafting your itinerary. It is recommended to give priority to your little ones in this case. When it comes to kid-friendly destinations where you can enjoy an exciting and ever-memorable vacation, one of the main options that may pop into your mind will be the English capital.

Why consider London for your family holidays

London features a dizzying range of open spaces, breathtaking sights, outstanding parks, world-class attractions, etc. that will be equally appealing for toddlers and adults. Some of the major upsides of visiting London with your little ones include;

  • Children who are under five years of age can travel on any London public transport for free of cost
  • It is legal and widely-acknowledged to breastfeed your babies in public
  • Most of the underground transport system in London is stroller-friendly
  • You can find a huge range of attractions for young kids here such as baby discos, city farms, children’s theater, parks, zoos, etc. On top of that, the entry to most of these attractions is free of cost for kids under five years of age.

However, you can never predict things when you are traveling with your baby. In most cases, the tantrums of your kids may keep you from enjoying your holidays. In order to this issue, below is a list of amazing tips that will help you to enjoy tantrum-free and fun private London tours.

Taking strollers and buggies on London public transport

Most of the transport stations in the English capital city boast step-free access to the streets as well as between the tube lines so that you can easily take the strollers of your babies with you. However, not every station has this facility and hence make sure to check out the online tube map before you set out on your sightseeing trip. Sometimes, you will have to travel through the stations that feature steps or escalators. In such cases, you can ask any of your family members to carry the stroller up the stairs.

Otherwise, there will be many Londoners who will be more than happy to help you if you are traveling alone with your baby. Furthermore, all other public transportation including local buses, trains, tube trains, etc., have designated areas for strollers. However, it is recommended to avoid traveling on the public transport system during peak hours since it will be extremely crowded and your baby might feel suffocated.

Kids can explore London for free

As mentioned earlier, kids under five years of age can travel on almost every London public transport and explore many national attractions for free of cost. When it comes to the coveted attractions like the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Tower of London, etc., children up to the age of 3, 4, and 5 respectively are allowed free entrance.

However, accompanying adults will have to purchase tickets. You can trim down this expense by purchasing an Oyster card. If you still cannot afford the sightseeing tours, you can shortlist the places and attraction that offers free entry to both kids and adults such as Grant Museum of Zoology, British Museum, Old Royal Naval College, etc.

Step-free south bank

One of the best spots in London to explore, especially when you are with your little munchkins, is the south bank. It is to be noted that the whole area is step-free and hence, you can carry your kids on their strollers and buggies. Additionally, there are several attractions on the bank that are perfect for both young and senior tourists. Some of the exciting highlights, particularly for kids include boat spotting on the Thames River, street performances, public fountains, etc. Note that the banks are well secured using sturdy fences.

If you are looking for some family-friendly attractions that you can also enjoy, the list includes the Sea Life London aquarium, the Tate Modern, the Southbank Center, etc. On top of that, you can find a range of kid-friendly restaurant here that features menu specially designed for toddlers, high chairs, diaper changing facilities, etc.

Animal attractions

There will be hardly any kid who will not be curious to watch animals. One of the perfect destinations that you may visit when in London is the zoos here that feature baby cloth-changing facilities, family-friendly meals, step-free access, etc. Some zoos even have a dedicated playing area for young kids and petting zoos.  If you are looking for something even more comfortable, head on to the Battersea Park Children’s Zoo that features a heated room for feeding your babies.

Besides, you may explore the city farms in London as well to enjoy the beauty of nature and wilderness. You kids will get an opportunity to see a wide range of farming animals such as horses, pigs, ducks, chickens, sheep, etc., in a confined area. Most of these city farms are usually located near the parks here and tend to feature affordable cafes and dining options.

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