Tours In London

Must Have Eats On Your London Trip

Tours In London
Tours In London

London is a hustling and bustling city that has a stark contrast with the financial district on one end and rustic old school charm of Westminster on the other. But for all the walking and London taxi that you have to catch, there will always be a time when you will have to stop and refuel yourself, which is why we have jolted down the top places and the must have eats that you need to indulge yourself with during you London tour! Without these your tours in London are incomplete.

English Breakfast

No London visit is complete without a filling English breakfast or the Fry-up. The lavish meal consist of fried eggs, fresh sausages of your liking, bacon strips, mushrooms, red tomatoes, toasted bread and with a generous serving of black pudding. To wash down the toast and eggs are tea or coffee served hot with a side of butter for your toast as well. Rest assured this is one meal that will keep you going well into the afternoon. You will be energised and ready more than ever, to explore what the city of London has to offer for you!

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are definitely at the top of the staple diet of every Englander. A crisp batter fried fish with crackling gold skin glistening with delicious fat and melted butter, along with light, evenly coloured French fries to go along with it. There are plenty of dips included like mayonnaise and tomato ketchup. The best place to have this classic dish is outside, with the cool breeze caressing off your face. A pint of beer helps to compliment the flavour and wash down the fish beautifully.

Banger and Mash

Mash potatoes and sausages is what this dish is all about. There is a generous serving of peas and gravy to help incorporate it into one seamless dish. The mash potatoes are creamy and buttery smooth and you can feel the flavour of the spices in the sausages come out with guns blazing. This is a must have dish at London!

Shepherd’s Pie

This uses lamb as the meat compared to the cottage pie that uses beef. What is amusing about both of these dishes is that neither of them are pies in the actual pastry sense. The Shepherd’s pie consist of minced lamb, carrots, tomatoes, onions and potatoes that are generally layered at the top of the meaty filling.

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