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There are several modes of transportation available in the English capital city and some of the popular options include trains DLR, tubes, buses, over ground trains, etc. From this, you may choose the one that best suits for your London private tours. Needless to mention, buying a transportation pass will be a good idea to save around 40 to 60% of your overall transportation expenses as well as a lion share of your time. In case you are in the city for a week or a few days, you may think about purchasing an Oyster travel card. This is one of the cheapest options and will be ideal for a person who intends to explore only central London.

The contactless payment option feature of Oyster cards with a fare cap of a week or days explains the ease of using this card when compared to other travel cards. Furthermore, you can purchase your oyster cards at almost every station and airport in London. Otherwise, you can get it delivered to your home before you set out to the city. The card holders can enjoy appealing discounts and special offers on a number of popular attractions, restaurants, shops, etc., in the city as well. In fact, these are some of the other points that make oyster cards different from regular travel cards. Note that, in order to get an Oyster card delivered at your home, you will have to purchase it online at least a week prior to your London trip. This means you can start exploring the city without wasting any time as soon as you reach here.

Furthermore, you will have to purchase Oyster card for every person in your gang. It is to be noted that you cannot share your Oyster card with other people on your trip. However, since the Oyster cards do not have your name on it and do not need any legal documents to get it issued, you can lend you card to your friends on their London private tours, only if it is before the expiration of your card. Besides, if you are in the city on a family vacation and your kids are 11 years old or more, you will have to purchase a visitor Oyster card for each child. However, you can expect a young adult discount on those cards and you will have to pay only half the amount. Some visitors may already have a 7-day London Pass. In such cases, buy an Oyster card only if your pass does not include the travel option.

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