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London city is a great place for any kind of traveler. There are attractions of all categories like architectural, cultural and historic beauty spread across the town. However, sometimes, you may feel tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. London has a remedy to this too. There are several destinations located within minutes from the town that are completely devoid of the usual noise of the town. These places will provide the perfect escape from the busy life of the city. Below is a discussion of some of these places that you can visit on your London private tours.


Richmond is located to the final points of the District line. Foreign travelers and tourists rarely get to visit this place, but this is a big mistake, it is one of the most beautiful spots in the country. Due to this, it has been a favorite among the rulers and even King Henry VII was fascinated by its charm. The high street may appear like any other British street but as you move to the back side, you reach Richmond Green. This area is surrounded by tall broadleaf trees, beautiful townhouses, lovely old mansions, and typical English pubs.

While the high street looks pretty much like any another in Britain, behind it is Richmond Green, a gorgeous area edged with towering broadleaf trees, beautiful old mansions, picturesque townhouses, and characteristically English pubs. It sits along the river Thames and has some of the most calming walks beside the river. Furthermore, find Richmond Park which is the largest urban green space in Europe. It has a blend of lakes, hordes of wild deer, rolling hills, and woodland. You can get here through the District line Tube and is just 25 minutes away from London


Most of the travelers visit the vintage structures of the famed university. It is among the most prestigious in the world with great names in alumni including Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Bob Hawke, Oscar Wilde, and Bill Clinton. You can spend ample time exploring the medieval cobbled alleyways of the university and its beautiful courtyards. However, Oxford is not just about this university.

You can find the oldest public museum in Britain, Ashmolean which recently opened after a makeover. You get free admission to the place and it hosts archaeological and artistic marvels from worldwide. There are also some precious items like the lantern used in a vain attempt by Guy Fawkes to fire the Houses of Parliament in 1605. Hit some of the very interesting bohemian zones like Jericho with great places to drink and eat. It is an hour’s train journey away from the city and you can find trains from London Paddington.


If you want to visit the queen, you may visit the Winsor castle on a Saturday or a Sunday. The monarch spends her weekends at the castle and you can see her along with the Duke of Edinburgh. The castle has the largest and the oldest occupied fortress in the world. The castle has been renewed and refurbished several times. You can find the clear depiction of the Renaissance, Gothic, and Norman architecture in the place. The interiors are adorned with elegant antique furniture and art by famed artists like Peter Paul Rubens and Leonardo da Vinci. You can find a mausoleum within the St George’s Chapel that includes tombs of several important personalities like the Queen Mother.

Apart from the castle, you can visit the beautiful village of Elton situated across the Thames and facing the castle. It has a famous college where several eminent British personalities including Prince William studied. Stay at one of the Magna Carta Tea Rooms in the village to enjoy the English traditions to the fullest. It takes about 30 minutes to get here from London and you can take a train from Waterloo or London Paddington.


Brighton is Britain’s favorite seaside city. Although it may not have a reputation as a great beach, tourists visit the place to enjoy the stretch of the English Channel. You can take a dip in the channel or explore the pebbly stretch. You can take a peaceful walk along the endless looking seafront. The shore has an array of beach cabins with delicious items like chips and fish available. You can walk to the end of the Palace Pier which is constantly hit by the waves. You can also stop here and observe the French mainland using a pair of binoculars. Brighton is lined with attractive cafes, bars, and restaurants. These places are fun and have a calm setting you may not find in the city. You can get here on trains that depart from the London Victoria station and it takes about 55 minutes to reach.

London has a host of remote places which can be reached within an hour or less. Make sure you visit these places while on your tours to London.

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