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London Private Tours
London Tourist Attractions

Numerous ways help travelers across the world to explore the iconic sights in London like from the top deck of buses, along riversides, on wheels or feet. Here are some of the top tips for taking a sightseeing tour in London; these can help you to make the most out of your London trip by making you feel like a pro. 

Seeing London along the River

Even though not every major attraction in London is along the river, many of it including Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s cathedral, Coca-Cola London Eye, Tate Modern, etc. sit along the side of Thames. You will be able to see all these attractions if you are planning to take river cruises which would be the most relaxed way to take a private tour in London. 

Everything is Closer than You Think it is

The Charing Cross and Convent Garden are two stations and they are a ten minutes’ walk apart. You can spot the Savoy Hotel, Convent Garden Market, Adelphi Theatre, and the London Transport museum along the way you travel. Keeping the Google Maps app updated and handy can help you to navigate through the streets of London.

You will be able to See a Lot More from a Bus than from a Tube

One of the great ways to see London is by sitting on the top-deck of a tour bus in London. It offers much more attractive sights than going underground. There are many hop-on-hop-off bus tours which are a very popular choice of tourists across the world. This gives you the chance to move around at your pace. The tickets of such tours include live commentary, a river tour and a free walking tour for the tourists.

Self Guided Walking Tours

Self-guided walking tours in London are good options for travelers who are on tight budgets or for travelers who love to enjoy getting around on foot. You can download maps for walking tours from various websites; there will be around seven walks that would be available and those would be from Capital ring to Jubilee Walkway.

Oyster Card and Comfy Shoes are Very Essential 

The best way to walk around London is to walk around, but there are chances for it to take a toll on your feet. Therefore it is a must to wear appropriate footwear before you go around by your foot. These journeys can take a bit more time than usual; always keep in mind to make sure that you are carrying the oyster card with you.

Sightseeing at Night in London City

Switching the sightseeing plans to the evenings to make the more out of it is a good option to explore London. There are many galleries and museums in London that run on special late openings where the exhibitions are kept open beyond the normal opening hours. They mostly add special events and pop-up bars also for travelers who visit the place at night.

Getting a Different Perspective from Up High

You will not miss the amazing architecture and monuments if you choose to look up and enjoy while walking through the streets of London. Choosing to go upwards can offer you even better views, most of which offer panoramic views, mainly on rooftop bars.

Book Everything in Advance to Save Your Time and Money

It is most advised to not take chance in London as there are high chances for it to pay off. Planning and booking tickets in advance would be very helpful especially when you have a short time and fewer budgets. Also, make sure to turn up at theatres before the shows start for you to get some cheap return tickets if you have a little more time. London pass offers you free entry to many top attractions; it also offers fast track entry to such places. 

Great Themed Tours for Return Visitors

If you are someone who already went on a sightseeing tour in London and are looking forward to experiencing something different, themed tours can be the option. You can always find something exciting on themed tours. Wembley Stadium Tour and Eat London Tour are examples for this. 

Go Beyond Zone One

Most travelers hesitate to travel beyond Zone One as there is so much to do and explore in the Central part of London. Crossing the Zone One offers a lot of treats to travelers. You will be able to see how Londoners live; you can come across the historic borough of Greenwich, Brixton Village Market, Richmond and Kew and so on. You can also travel forward to the other main attractions of the United Kingdom including Windsor, Stonehenge, Oxford, etc. 

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