Changing the Structure of a Bathroom to Make it More Accessible

Accessible remodels are now becoming much more appealing for people who are planning on aging in place. The data from the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) shows that those people’s plan was among the main causes of a remodel two years ago.

When considering the project, many often look at their bathroom first. It is a common area for a slip and fall due to the wet surface. You can know more here about remodeling the bath for accessibility.

The Reason to Make This Move

A house is for people of all abilities and ages, so it must be made in such a way that it is safe and easy to move about without worry. The design of a bathroom for a handicapped/wheelchair-bound person tends to be a factor in remodeling for better accessibility, but homeowners are prioritizing aging in place.

Growing old is among the main reasons why people wish to upgrade their bathroom. People will be able to do different things at different phases in life, plus hygiene activities are often most affected. They might have an unforeseen accident, plus require different spaces at home starting in the bath. Having a more accessible bathroom will help you in any situation, albeit it is a post-surgery recovery phase where you should be seated in your shower for a while.

Accessible Bathroom’s Layout

The layout is among the first things to think about before the bathroom remodel starts. Making the bath bigger tends to be the most important thing. However, with regards to accessibility, entryways and doorways may have to be broadened, plus there should be more room for graspable bars.

Consider the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, which start with the bathroom layout. You can seek the help of a designer to ensure that your project follows the ADA standards. Not all bathrooms will have to be fully ADA-compliant, though.

How Much Does Such a Remodel Cost?

An accessible bath is among the more common updates, and it just takes some changes to bring about a difference to the room. At some stage, most people will need such a room. Some are already at that phase in life and are seeking a turnkey house, but other individuals are searching for such features for other causes.

Be sure to budget for this remodeling project. The remodel work can cost about $8,820 on average, with almost every homeowner investing between $6,569 and $9,872 in it.

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