Don’t Get Separated At 221B Baker Street! Boost Your Cell Coverage In London

If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes heading to Amsterdam to spend your vacation, you should not miss your visit to 221B Baker Street. Yes it’s the same place that you have read about many times in the Sherlock Homes stories that kept you at the edge of your seats.

To avoid the chances of getting separated from your team at 221B Baker’s street, you have to ensure that you stay connected. To avoid the possible troubles that weaknesses in cellular signal network could cause, make sure you have a cell phone booster and specifically a Virgin mobile booster, if you have a Virgin phone.

Advantages Of Cell Phone Boosters

Suits Your Needs Specifically

Modern day cell phones support a wide variety of carriers as well as multiple networks including 2G, 3G and 4G. Boosters that suit all types of spaces like homes, buildings, cars, RVs, boats etc are available, enabling you to pick one that suits your specific needs.

Improved Quality Of Voice Calls

In addition to increasing the strength of cellular signals, a cellular signal booster makes the signal free of distortions and disturbance caused by obstructions.

Uploading And Downloading Speeds Increases

When you are in a busy place like 221B Baker’s street, it is implicit that large number of cell phones would be competing for space in the nearest cell tower. In instances like that, the chances for call dropping and slower internet speed are very high. Using a cell phone booster will help handle the situation better, as the device works efficiently to improve uploading and downloading speeds.


  A wide variety of cell phone boosters available in the market contributes to increasing the affordability of signal boosters. Extenders available at cheap rates verified by credible certifying agencies are available in the markets.

Better Battery Life

Lower signal strengths indicate that our cell phones would have to use up more battery power to search for cellular signals. When signal strength that cell phones receive is improved, their battery lives would also improve as the device need not search for signals frequently.

Faster Sending And Receiving Of Text Messages

If you are in a place that doesn’t have adequate signal strength, you might not be able to send and receive text messages quickly. It would take a few minutes before a text is sent or received. Using a signal booster will alleviate the worries of slower texts, as boosted signals facilitate quicker sending and receiving of texts.

When you walk along the lanes of 221B Baker’s street mesmerized by the attractions of the street and thinking about Sherlock Holmes, make sure you stay connected using a mobile booster that is easy to install and carry.

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