Full Bars On Your Pub Crawl: Boosting Cell Service In London!

Be it on your way to the Lamb & Flags or the Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, your pub crawling journey in London should not have to come to a halt, because your phone lost signal and you have no one else to ask for direction. What a nightmare that would be?! In the City of London with its abundance of pubs that have a long history attached to it, you won’t find yourself with the short end of the stick when it comes to choices. But if you’re a tourist who wants to enjoy the flavour of the city, then it is best you do that with full bar signal icon on your phone!

How irritating would it be if you couldn’t check out reviews, and route to must visit pubs on your pub crawl in London? All thanks to the terrible phone reception you are getting there. Well, you need not be the victim! Here are a couple of things you can do to boost cell signal!

Since You’re Drinking And Being Merry, Give Your Phone A Reason To Be Merry As Well!

Be sure to charge your phone. Your phone expends energy to hook onto the nearest cell tower. This it has to do all day, every day! If you have a habit of leaving your phone on its knees begging for charge, then you need to change your ways! Do not let the charge of your phone hit below 25% and turn red. Keep your phone fully charged before the pub crawl or try carrying a power bank with you. But what if you’re phone is draining charge fast? Cut down on the brightness for starters. You can close any unwanted applications that are running in the background. Turn OFF push- notification, if it can wait. Switch OFF any connectivity features such as Bluetooth, NFC, hotspots, Wi-Fi and so on.

Do these and your phone will have more room to breathe! Also raise your arms or go to a clearing where there are less obstacles, to help your phone pick up a signal.

But, what if this doesn’t help? Then its time you checked out a 5G signal booster! The 5G signal booster will pick up the weak signals of the near cell tower, boost it, and give it to your phone. Trust me; your phone couldn’t be happier! The days of snail pace like internet speeds to slow down your pub crawl in London are out the door!

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