How To Boost Your Cell Service In London?

A private tour to London is everyone’s dream. London is a city with a lot of historic and cultural significance. Traveling through London helps you to understand the history of England. It is one of the highly populated cities in the world. When you travel to London, you might experience a poor cell reception in some parts of the city. Therefore, you might need to boost your cell service in those parts of the city to stay connected with your friends and family back home.

In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to boost cell reception in London.

Clear The Obstructions

If there are any obstructions between the cell tower and your mobile phones, then you won’t get good cell reception on your phone. This is because these obstructions might reflect the cell signal coming from the tower. These obstructions include tall buildings, trees, mountains, etc. Sometimes bad weather also causes poor cell reception. One of the possible solutions for getting a better cell signal in this situation is to get higher or avoid standing near tall buildings because they could block the cell signal.

Keep Your Phone Charged

If your battery charge is very low, then connecting to a mobile tower can be difficult. With a low battery charge, the phone might not be able to find a cell signal. Therefore, you need to maintain enough charge on your cell phone to ensure a better cell reception. By lowering the screen brightness, closing unused apps, and turning off Bluetooth, you can save the battery power.

Don’t Block The Antenna

Every cell phone has an antenna that receives the cell signal from the cell tower.  For smartphones, the antenna is present inside the device. When you hold the phone sideways, your hands can block the antenna from the cell tower. Most smartphones that come out today overcome that problem. But still, you should hold your phone in an upright position to avoid the blockage of the antenna.

Install A Cell Phone Booster

If all the above methods fail, you can consider using a cell phone booster to boost your signal strength in London. The purpose of a signal booster is to take an existing signal outside the building or your vehicle, increase its strength and redistribute that boosted signal to the mobile devices inside the building or vehicle. An outside antenna, an amplifier, and an inside antenna are the three main components of a signal booster system. Many companies provide the best mobile phone booster UK devices that are compatible with all the network carriers in England.

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