O2 Letting You Down? Boost Your Cell Reception In London

Are you unable to enjoy the beautiful tourist spots of London because your network provider O2 is letting you down? Install an O2 repeater and see the magic happen. Continue reading to learn more about repeaters and I assure that you will be convinced to buy one for yourself. 

What Is A Repeater?

Repeaters are devices meant for boosting weak radiofrequency mobile signals. These devices catch the faint signals, amplifies it and make it stronger. The device then re-broadcasts it to your phones. And when your cell phone comes in its range, it will attract these strong signals.

When To Buy It?

If you are constantly facing the problem of faint or weak signals, take it as your cue to install a repeater. It will end your agony of bad signals and the quality of your carrier’s service will improve. Together with that, you will now be able to enjoy a speedy internet connection.

What Is Smart Repeater?

A smart repeater is your ultimate solution to signal a problem when you are inside your home or a building. By installing this device you will be able to make noticeably good quality voice calls. Also, your text messages will get delivered faster. A smart repeater consists of two units and they are:

The Network Unit

It is responsible for receiving and transmitting signals. It doesn’t amplify or boost the weak signals and convert them into strong mobile phone signals or radio frequency signals. To facilitate the prompt functioning of the network unit, an external antenna has to be installed. The antenna and the unit are connected through an SMA connector. The network unit is popularly known as the window unit.

The Coverage Unit

A coverage unit is that part of the device which is placed in the interiors of the building or the house. It is also the part of the device which is responsible to boost the signal. Without jamming the signal of your next-door neighbor, this device broadcasts back the amplified signals to your mobile phone.

For the repeaters to be legal, they must obtain a license from any of the network carriers. In the absence of a valid license, the product which you have purchased might be illegal. Due to the rise in the demand for repeaters, many fake products are circulating in the market. Therefore, always ensure you have purchased a licensed repeater.

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